Fresh Food Industry

Innovation in the fresh food industry

The demand for fresh food has been growing considerably for about 10 years, agro-industrial products have become the main elements of the family food basket, exceeding 50% of total purchases. This high percentage has implied that the industry has evolved in the role they play in the generation of loyalty strategies and the attraction of new markets.

Despite being a very competitive and complex industry in the acquisition of market share, the opportunities point to the need to continue innovating.

Due to the wide offer, consumers value more highly those fresh products that comply with better safety and quality conditions. This is where innovation must be part of the identification of risks and hazards, for the generation of new preventive and nutritional processes.

Likewise, it is of vital importance for the industry to increase the shelf life of products for the commercial stage (storage and delivery time) and the conservation period for home consumption. Therefore, innovation is also linked to the production of packaging that facilitates food preparation and consumption.

Nowadays, consumers demand that products be protected under easy-to-open conditions and with resealing options that do not compromise product quality. There is a growing trend for fresh products, but of excellent quality, preserved, easy and convenient to prepare.

Innovation is present in all processes of the value chain, not only in the adaptation of packaging for long durability and safety, but also in the forms of production and marketing, so it is necessary to be evaluating trends, and implement continuous improvement in the organization, so you can stay competitive in the fresh produce sector.

By: Angie Chica

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