Shrubby plant with semi-woody stems, large foliage, reaching a height of 2 to 3 m. The leaves are cordate (heart-shaped), fleshy, slightly pubescent and very large. The flowers are pink and lavender, grouped in terminal clusters, which flower in a staggered manner. The fruits are lonely or they are grouped, of variable colors, from yellow to red, in a ovoidal with pointed apices, contain many small sedes in quantities of 120 to 150.


Use and application

The tree tomato is a very versatile fruit in terms of variety of preparations. Apart from eating like fruit fresh, can be consumed as a juice or refreshing drink, liquefied in water or milk. It is an excellent complement to fruit salads, can be prepared in ice creams, jellies, jams and variety of sweets. The leaves, previously heated or soaked, are applied in topical form against tonsil inflammation. For the flu, the fresh fruit is consumed on an empty stomach, given its high ascorbic acid content. Another attributed property is as a remedy for liver problems.


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