It is grown in tropical and high tropical areas. The plant is a climbing cactus with long triangular stems. Its flower has a spectacular beauty. The fruit is ovoid, its pulp is white with multiple small seeds. The pitahaya is almost a portion of deliciously sugary water, it also has phosphorus, calcium and vitamin C. Its flavor is exquisite and with a faint sweet taste. It is usually consumed naturally: green at the beginning and yellow at maturity.


Use and application

It can be used to prepare gelatin, ice cream, yogurt, syrup, candy, jam, jelly, or soda, as well as being enjoyed by eating it alone. The consumption of Pitahaya is recommended for decontamination of the body due to the laxative property that the tiny seeds possess. The pulp contains an oil that prevents colic and cramps and therefore helps the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines. Likewise, it contains a substance called captin that acts as a heart tonic and nerve calming.


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